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Monday, January 16, 2012

2012. Gonna be a Big Year.

Well, yes it has been a while, but heres to looking ahead and not behind.

I have been thinking about what to do for new resolutions for this year and i have decided that all of my resolutions are going to be things that only i can control. If i can't control it, then who's to know if it will really happen.

So this year these are the things that i will do, work on, or continue doing:

-Physical Goals-

  1. Work out at least THREE times a week. I would like it to be FIVE times, but i'll start with three. It's simple and can be done.
  2. Do everything in my power to get those abs i've always wanted. Whether this means i do P90X 2 or crazy dieting i don't care. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!!
  3. Run more. I want to do a Ragnar, another marathon (been since 2005. Seven years!), and maybe a half marathon in there too.
-Personal Goals-

  1. I want to do everything i can to get out of debt. I know there is no way that i can pay off all my student loans, BUT i can pay off everything else this year EASILY! I just need to control my spending habits and that is going to take some time.
  2. Treat others the way i want to be treated. I am a sarcastic person, but some time people take it literal and it gets me into trouble. This year i am going to be nicer and really work on complementing others.
  3. No more swearing. I used to be so good at this. Then for some reason i became a sailor and i am not a fan. 
-Spiritual Goals-

  1. I want to continue with last years goal of going to the temple every week. I only missed three weeks last year. So here's to another amazing year.
  2. I need to go to all of church. I tend to only stay for the first hour then leave, but now i am in a ward where it's reversed and i think this is really going to help me with this. It will make me stay for the most important part.
  3. Read my scriptures every day. I have set this goal before and never achieved it, so here's to MY year. I can do this and it will be easy, i just have to stick to it.
I am not great at setting goals with numbers cause i never keep track, but some other goals that i am going to work on this year are:
  • Read more books. Not just ones by celebrities, REAL BOOKS.
  • Help others more. With anything really: babysitting friends kids (and my niece and nephew), clean the house more, or just finding things i can help with.
  • Increase my knowledge of social media. If that means reading books about it, taking classes, or watching webinars. 
I am turning 30 in two days and didn't really worry about it until now. Always felt like i should have a LOT more done with my life, but looking back i have really accomplished a lot. And i have so much more to get done. 

:So here's to the next year, decade, and 30 more years:

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Small Flowering Details

I have always been obsessed with style. Lately it's been more and more of the style of Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) from Gossip Girl. I recently purchased season 4 on dvd and that's all i've been watching.

So what is it about his style that works? Well lost of things, but what i have been loving in this last season was sporting the small flower on his lapel. It's a great addition and something that can be changed any time.

Check out what i am talking about here and stay tuned for more styling advise from the Salt Lake style master himself:) ha ha ha ha ha....


Friday, August 26, 2011

Time to Up My Clientele

I am currently working on starting my own business and really just getting my dream going. I have always wanted to do something with clothes, but i am no designer by any means, but i love clothes.

So as you have seen before i am working with stylist Jen Clyde and she is amazing. I have always been a fan of shopping and taken plenty of people shopping with me and helped them pick some great things.

I figured why not try to do this myself too. I have one client that i just worked with and we had a great time and i really was able to help her get her closet organized (being that i am basically OCD i love to organize everything).

Now i am no professional, but this is something i love to do. So why not try it out and see if i can get a clientele of people that could use my services? So are you interested? I can really work out some deals with you and try to get you a price that fits your finances.

Follow me on Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest to see what things i am doing and liking. You can see my style boards on Pinterest. Pictures and ideas i like on Tumblr. And of course my Tweets are entertaining and i post pictures of things that i see around me. Some what NOT to wear will be going on there soon:)

So for my prices email me at jsndunnigan0118@gmail.com and let me know if you are interested.

Also, if you work somewhere that i can put my cards at your place let me know and for every referral you get me i will give you a deal on packages.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Not?

So i am the person that likes to go against the grain. I don't like to do what everyone else is doing.

Lately i have obsessed with mixing patterns. Specifically gingham and polka dots. FAVORITE! Why not mix things up i say.

Works right? Next thing i'm doing, STRIPES and gingham. i am LOVING gingham right now.

Get ready for more fun shots of what styles i am doing. i've been mixing things up for YEARS!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Work and LOVING it!!!

So here is the update on what i have been doing these days.

I am currently working with Jen Clyde Stylist. Of course i have been doing her social networking, but i also get the privilege of going on pulls, doing TV segments, created her website, and go do styling and other things with her.
I'm really learning about the industry.

Click HERE to view the site i work on.

I am also working with a friend on getting his clothing line out. He is an AMAZING designer and has a talent i could only dream of having.

Currently he is doing guys T-shirts and has some coming in.

Here are some samples and they also are in different colors.

Here is the basic logo shirt

Here is the Worm (his mascot) shirt.

If you are interested in ordering, e-mail me.

I am loving my life right now, but really wanting to get things going for BOTH people i am working with.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Prepare for some fixing up!

I know I have been off for a while, but I think it's time to start getting back into the swing of things and get this thing going again.

So stay tuned for what is about to be happening to this blog, cause it's gonna get good!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Requirements

Since there has recently been multiple things in the news lately about LDS men not getting married and how we put it off so much i felt it appropriate to share MY feeling on the topic.

I personally feel that i am the exception to this because i have dated and been pretty close to getting married, but the GIRLS didn't want it.

So, i felt that i should share what i am looking for in a woman AND what she can expect from ME.


I hear that i am picky...well that is NOT true. Here are some examples of what i'm looking for....

Height is not an issue. Tall or short: i like them all.
She also has to have FUN! not always be serious.

Skinny or curves. I like EITHER!!! and i'm a fan of the LONG dark hair, but i'm willing to negotiate.
And if she wants to work out with me, that is great! we'd have a TON of fun:)

So am i asking too much already? i don't think so!

Now, here's what you're gonna get if you decide that i am the guy for you.


I hear there is a language of love. Everyone shows there love in different ways. I tend to show mine by buying the girl things:
I have a thing for Tiffanys...so hope you like the box with the white bow.

I buy flowers just because they make you happy. i don't need a special occasion.

I love buying clothes. not just for myself, but for HER too.
and one day, that BIG DIAMOND RING:)

Things i like to do (and some MIGHT surprise you):

I'm a runner. I love to run in marathons and half marathons. I even to triathlons if you're interested.

i will get dirty.

I love adventure and i LOVE to travel to FUN places.

i will do ANYTHING to win a competition. just saying.
and, if you need some entertainment at night, i'm YOUR MAN!!!
I AM TAYLORSVILLE DAYZZ!!! you want in on this and i am the BEST connection to have.

some times i dress a little different. but i do have amazing style.


and finally, my friends are my family. so you have to be approved by ALL THEM before.
it's just the rule.

the original crew

the california crew
the ladies....they are the toughest ones:)

So that's it. now that i have put this out there, if you are interested then let me know. i am willing to do what it takes.