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Monday, January 16, 2012

2012. Gonna be a Big Year.

Well, yes it has been a while, but heres to looking ahead and not behind.

I have been thinking about what to do for new resolutions for this year and i have decided that all of my resolutions are going to be things that only i can control. If i can't control it, then who's to know if it will really happen.

So this year these are the things that i will do, work on, or continue doing:

-Physical Goals-

  1. Work out at least THREE times a week. I would like it to be FIVE times, but i'll start with three. It's simple and can be done.
  2. Do everything in my power to get those abs i've always wanted. Whether this means i do P90X 2 or crazy dieting i don't care. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!!
  3. Run more. I want to do a Ragnar, another marathon (been since 2005. Seven years!), and maybe a half marathon in there too.
-Personal Goals-

  1. I want to do everything i can to get out of debt. I know there is no way that i can pay off all my student loans, BUT i can pay off everything else this year EASILY! I just need to control my spending habits and that is going to take some time.
  2. Treat others the way i want to be treated. I am a sarcastic person, but some time people take it literal and it gets me into trouble. This year i am going to be nicer and really work on complementing others.
  3. No more swearing. I used to be so good at this. Then for some reason i became a sailor and i am not a fan. 
-Spiritual Goals-

  1. I want to continue with last years goal of going to the temple every week. I only missed three weeks last year. So here's to another amazing year.
  2. I need to go to all of church. I tend to only stay for the first hour then leave, but now i am in a ward where it's reversed and i think this is really going to help me with this. It will make me stay for the most important part.
  3. Read my scriptures every day. I have set this goal before and never achieved it, so here's to MY year. I can do this and it will be easy, i just have to stick to it.
I am not great at setting goals with numbers cause i never keep track, but some other goals that i am going to work on this year are:
  • Read more books. Not just ones by celebrities, REAL BOOKS.
  • Help others more. With anything really: babysitting friends kids (and my niece and nephew), clean the house more, or just finding things i can help with.
  • Increase my knowledge of social media. If that means reading books about it, taking classes, or watching webinars. 
I am turning 30 in two days and didn't really worry about it until now. Always felt like i should have a LOT more done with my life, but looking back i have really accomplished a lot. And i have so much more to get done. 

:So here's to the next year, decade, and 30 more years:

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  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!! LOL I hope you have a GREAT year! I cannot believe you are gonna be 30!!! You are so old! ;)